A Parisian English-speaking engineer mom

I’m a relatively new mom with a beautiful baby boy. Before my new life as a mom, I was an engineer. I’m trained and experienced in STEM and I’m wired to think scientifically and analytically. Needless to say, marrying my natural tendency for science with caring for a baby is far from obvious. It is an eye-opening journey filled with self-doubt, discovery, trial-and-error, laughter, tears, sleepless nights, and most of all, immense love and responsibility for this beautiful new human being I co-created and brought to this world. 

In this blog, I aim to share with parents and parents-to-be my take on parenthood and the various questions I ask myself along the way. If you’re not the over-thinking type, I partly envy you and I’m not sure you will find what’s to your heart’s desire in this blog. If you are – if you constantly keep yourself up for hours researching the smallest details; if you read tens of articles about each micro-topic before making up your mind about it only to get up the next morning and read some more; if you favor scientific evidence when it exists and are relentless in looking for it; if you demand of yourself to give your child the best you possibly can with the knowledge that’s available to you and are willing to go the extra-mile to enrich your understanding, and if you’re overwhelmed by the task at hand and the plethora of topics and information on babies – then this blog is for you. My mission is to share with you the results of long days and nights of research and plenty of medical consultations as well as my own experience on baby-related topics. From things as mundane as the diaper brand to choose to questions as existential as pain in babies, no topic is off-limits and no topic can be dismissed as trivial, or at least, not before you’ve given it at least some thought. 

To add to the complexity, I’m living in Paris, which is not exactly renowned for being a baby-friendly city. I will share tips to simplify your life if you’re a fellow Parisian parent, from decrypting the labyrinth of finding child-care in Paris to advice on where you can easily change your baby. 

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