My baby developed a flat head – what I learned

Flat head is an increasingly common syndrome among babies. Almost 25% of babies will develop some form of flatness during their first few months of life. Medically known as plagiocephaly or brachycephaly depending on the position of the flat spot, flat head syndrome is more often than not totally benign and clears up on itsContinue reading “My baby developed a flat head – what I learned”

Is it OK to let my baby cry for a while?

You’ve fed, burped, changed, entertained, and soothed your baby, but she’s still crying. The question begs itself: should you systematically hold or rock your crying baby in that case? Or is it OK to let them cry for a while? And how much is a ‘while’? There’s no consensus on this question from experts. WhatContinue reading “Is it OK to let my baby cry for a while?”